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Distinctive Features of Electric Wheelchairs

Electric wheelchairs are one of the most important inventions to help people who need to achieve increased mobility. Mobility wheelchairs are the key to let handicapped people live their lives with no need for help. People in need can live in an independent way with these life-saver gadgets.

There are a variety of models of electric wheelchairs. These electric wheelchairs benefit the people who need them greatly. Thus, it is better if they are accustomed to working for the benefit of the handicapped or sick people in the most ideal way.

How to Classify

Electric wheelchairs are classified as front-wheel powered, mid-wheel powered, or rear wheel powered. Other than the technical features, distinctive features of an electric wheelchair bring a difference to these products.

Choosing a wheelchair that is suitable for the individual needs is essential when one needs an electric wheelchair. In this writing, we have gathered information about the best features you can find in an electric wheelchair. Here, you can see what kind of options you have when it comes to the models in the market.

What Features Does Electric Wheelchair Have?

Remote Control

The remote control may come in handy to increase mobility. With a useful remote control, electric wheelchairs are much more comfortable to be able to travel with. IQ-7000 Remote Control Electric Wheelchair lets you transport your wheelchair with ease thanks to its innovative system that is supported by remote control.

Foldable Structure

One of the most important things that create the multifunctionality of a wheelchair is its foldable structure. Most of the time one may need to settle the wheelchair in a corner or somewhere when not using it. To be able to fold the wheelchair, creates a good advantage in terms of space-saving. Patriot-11 Foldable Electric Wheelchair has an all-new design that lets you easily carry the electric wheelchair around with its foldable structure.

Long Range

How much you would like to travel around affects your choice of wheelchair. Thus, if you wish to and need to travel long distances, you should choose a long-range wheelchair like Patriot-12 Long Range Electric Wheelchair.This way, you can go anywhere you wish and your wheelchair still won’t be worn out.

Lightweight Structure

When you need to carry your wheelchair, having a wheelchair that is easy to carry around comes in handy. Apart from all other convenient distinctive features, a lightweight model is easy to use and carry around.